The community of San Basilio de Palenque located in the Department of Bolívar still commemorates the memory of its past with the famous weaving of braids. Its meaning goes beyond the cultural, in them the story of the escape routes for slaves is told. This surprising ingenuity also allowed them to hide seeds between their hair to be able to sow them in their new lands. Currently the tourist can live this experience so different and culturally unique.


  • If the terrain was very swampy, the troops, that is, the small braids stuck to the scalp, wove like furrows.
  • Through small bows, knots and braiding, the women marked the points of the landscape: a tree, a path, a field.
  • The maps started at the forehead and worked their way down to the nape.
  • The braids also served to establish meeting places.

We all know that Bazurto, the largest supply center in Cartagena, is the epicenter of chaos, noise and bad environmental customs, where informal vendors and pollution predominate.

This place houses all kinds of products, including vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, footwear, clothes, toys, handicrafts, and it also has its own food court that, according to what they say, is the true gastronomy of Cartagena. But, if they invite you to eat there, would you go?

This place is for people who love autochthonous experiences and local gastronomy.

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